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Physical Health and Mental Health

Physical Health and Mental Health

Physical health

Physical or physical health is a safety and well-being throughout the body and there is a complete and harmonious harmony between the various organic functions. 

Each body member performs its function to the maximum care and integrity of the body and is the individual's enjoyment of the vital.

processes of body functions and requires the maintenance of physical health such as the work of all body parts annually and the person's physical health is fun, strong and energetic.

It also has the ability of the body to resist all diseases and changes, to adapt to the conditions of the body, to feel strong, energetic and active, to resist fatigue, and to have a strong immune system capable of eliminating and overcoming all pathogens. 

A healthy body gives its owner the opportunity to develop in his life and perform his role in the best possible way, unlike a sick body that cares about its facial aches and pains. 

If any body equipment is exposed to the disease, all remaining body organs will be affected. Also because the body mass affects and is affected by each other, physical health  is linked to mental and mental health, because the healthy mind is in the healthy body.

Ways to maintain physical health

  1. Eating healthy, nutritious and integrated foods containing whole food groups, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  2. focus on quantity rather than gender, because food is the basis of body life and attention to it is a priority for physical health.
  3. Focus as much as possible on organic foods that are free of preservatives, industrial sugars and chemical hormones, and focus on taking natural antioxidants that strengthen body immunity.
  4. Drink enough water, because water enters into the structure of each cell in the body, purifying the body of toxins, waste and heavy elements, moisturizes the body, regulates its temperature, and forms an intermediary for reactions that occur.
  5. periodically check with your doctor for regular checks on vital body functions, to ensure your safety and health, to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar level, blood force, eye safety, hearing safety, dental safety and bone safety.
  6. Ensure the body is free of cancerous tumors, and5- treat early if present.
  7. exercise regularly, maintain body agility, muscle strength and flexibility, where sports maintain bone density, prevent fragile diseases, increase positive energy in the body, and remove excess weight.
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  9. Sleep for enough hours, because night and lack of sleep are the main causes of body disease and vulnerability.
  10. avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

Elements of physical health

  • Nutrition: The diet should contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals essential to the body's development and development.

  • Personal hygiene: One of the most important things to care about is to be a preventive shield against disease, spread it, and give a person a beautiful and generous look with social and psychological pros.

  • Sleep and rest: Regular activity is essential to physical health and this depends on body comfort, taking a short nap during the day will help you energize your body. Night sleep must be in a dark and quiet environment, and the amount of healthy sleeping hours per adult is about 7-8Hours per day.

  • Exercise: Physical activities must be carried out so that the body is healthy, giving positive results on heart health, muscles, circulation and whole body systems such as walking, riding and strength exercises ,and escape.

Self-care medical care the ability to heal yourself if you experience any minor injuries, such as minor injuries, and to take pain painkillers that do not require a prescription and are readily available at home.

Periodic medical examinations Medical examinations should be carried out every six months to ensure that you are free from illness and in good health.

Physical health tips

  1. Make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet that includes three portions of fruit and vegetables.
  2. Reduce fat intake
  3. Keep teeth clean and care for.
  4. Keep clothes clean, steriled and airy.
  5. Leave a distance between you and the patients and do not attempt to connect directly with them.
  6. Get enough sleep and stay away from the night.
  7. Stop bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

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Positive aspects of physical health

  • walk every day for half or less to prevent the possibility of cancer, heart and respiratory tract infection.
  • make sure to take 3 portions a day, vegetables, and fruits to protect yourself from 70 percent of the risk of heart attack.
  • the power of will between hesitation and self-confidence
  • the will to achieve physical health because it moves the person and forces him to continue and work.



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