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Concepts & Definitions of Health

The Concept of Health

The Concept Of Health

Definition of health

  • The first is the safety of all diseases and illnesses.
  • The second is to go after the disease.
  • Expresses different feelings and feelings, such as: Fear, anger, joy, love, tolerance with others for their mistakes, and all the different feelings that give the individual happiness with himself and with others.
  • the mental aspect: Expresses ideas, behaviors, beliefs, and situation and individual analysis. So that an individual has his or her own opinions and thoughts and sees himself positively away from negative ideas.
  • The spiritual side: An aspect that expresses an individual's own relationship, creativity, and the purpose of his life and relationship to his/her being, for which man needs internal calm and sufficient confidence in his or her internal knowledge.

Public health services

Responsibilities of public health personnel :

  1. Educate people on health matters, especially those who do not receive services and are at risk of becoming sick.
  1. Connect people to the personal health services they need and ensure that health care is provided when it is not available.
  1. Monitor community health to identify potential problems.
  1. Mobilize community coalitions to identify and solve health problems.
  1. Implement laws and regulations that protect and guarantee health.
  1. Ensure a competent public health and personal workforce.
  1. Urge the adoption of new knowledge and innovative solutions to health problems.

The concept of health in Islam, Healthy life skills

  • To preserve life, where Islam forbids suicide. Islam prohibits illicit infections, such as adultery, because of their harmful effects and health risks.
  • Health preservation through good management of drinking, clothing, housing, air, sleep, vigilance, movement and reassurance, where Huda sees that moderation in all these matters leads to continued health and well-being.
  • Islam cares about the health and strength of bodies, not exposing them to what they weaken. Islam began to fasting for its many benefits to the health of the body.
  • Prohibiting body stress and exhaustion even in the field of worship.
  • Islam has made it clear that every incident has a reason to occur, and therefore calls for all means to be taken to prevent various accidents.
  • It is up to take the full light five times a day.

Some believe that health means that humans are only healthy and exempt from all diseases and illnesses, but the concept of health goes much further, so that humans achieve strong health free from all diseases.

This requires a balance between psychological, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects and health. For optimal health, these aspects must be combined with each other.

Health is defined as the human condition without any disease or fatigue, including mental, social and physical health, as the sound mind of the healthy body is said; A healthy person is a person who feels the integrity of his body and himself, but socially he is a person with a realistic vision of the world and who deals well with members of society. 

The concept of health includes two things

Health is a state of the relative balance of body functions caused by the adaptation of the human body to the harmful factors it is exposed to, and the adaptation of the body to these factors is said to be a positive process that keeps the body of the body. 

Public health has several definitions in its modern concept, but its most common is the definition of the Winslow world, where it defined it as the science and art of disease prevention and longevity.

promoting health, through community-based organizations aimed at preserving the health of the environment, combating infectious diseases.

People are taught to maintain personal hygiene, as well as to regulate medical and nursing services with a view to early diagnosis, providing preventive treatment for various diseases and developing social and life services so that citizens have full health rights.

In order to realize the concept of good health, one must first recognize the importance of sharing the different aspects of health that exist in one's own society and in each individual's society:

  • The physical side

The physical side: The five are touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing, which requires good nutrition and weight. For convenience, sports and comfort.

  • psychological aspect

All of these aspects are closely related; for example, if an individual has back pain and has to stay in bed for a long time.

this may lead to depression or depression, from a psychological and physical point of view.

as another example of the physical connection to the psychological side, an individual can ignore the state of anger. This leads to headache.

Public health services include the provision of personal services to individuals, such as vaccinations, behavioral counselling or health counselling. 

Here, public health plays a very important role in protecting, promoting, and preserving the health of entire communities. 

Whether these communities are small or very large, many public health tasks are linked to the health problems people face in their daily lives, such as the preservation of drinking water

Or ensuring food safety in local and other restaurants, public health plays an important role in various health areas, such as prevention of various injuries, dental health, emergency preparedness and disaster prevention. 

By identifying the main causes of death, it focuses on trying to prevent disease rather than trying to treat it.

Health professionals Basic Services

Public health professionals must be trained to perform one or more of the following 4 basic services:

1- Health from the Muslim perspective as a human need and a basic need for everyone is human safety from disease, its causes and prevention, and this is why Islam has established general rules to overcome harm to human health and to preserve his life. 

2- The grace of health is considered one of the blessings that Almighty Allah has given to his servants in the era of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him. For his authority, the Messenger of God (may Allah bless him and grant him salvation) said: (A blessing that many people forget is health and emptying)

3- The Prophet of God told us in this honorable speech that health and emptiness for the sake of God and his greatest blessings are his servants, so health helps man perform all his works, but despite the grace of health. 

Many yews for this grace only when the disease is. The bag is the one who exploited her health and mocked her for what is beneficial to her in her Dennis and in the hereafter.

4- Islam is concerned with the integrity of the bodies in which the veins are applied to health and well-being because the effects of the healthy body are reflected in the That is why Islam fought against the disease and discovered numerous ways to avoid the disease and developed quarantine rules when the disease emerged. 

It prohibits going out and entering until the area of the disease is restricted, Islam considers cleanliness, health, and beauty to be the foundation of every Muslim, and is carried out by the Nation of Islam.



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