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6 Alternative quitting of Social Media

Facebook..Instagram..WhatsApp..They all threaten your health..

Facebook is “life” for many people, and it has become an integral part of their lives, and they cannot abandon it, as well as Facebook , and other social networking sites.

These sites work on continuous communication and getting to know people, Perhaps it helps in the process of communication between old friends, but on the other hand it disintegrates the family. 

Parents knowledge of such technological means,or eventheir partial knowledge.But FacebookInstagramWhatsAppTwitter6 Alternative quitting of Social Media.

Technology Social Media

Many people believe that once technology stops and social media situations are eliminated, many businesses built on the basis of network marketing through social networking sites will cease. and thus the income from them will cease.

The means of communication have become a very important part of our lives that cannot be dispensed with, and some have even become addicted to them, and if they are interrupted, they will cause confusion and tension a lot.

the state of emptiness and boredom will begin to return again, even though the means of communication have an important factor in the state of depression and tension. 

that affects the individual as a result of its continuous follow-up, and even works in the demolition of many social relations as a result of the preoccupation of each party with the other with this technology.

Do adults prefer to deleting out social media?

But on the other hand, and from the point of view of the older and more mature age group, we find that their opinion will differ, as we will find that many prefer the interruption of social networking sites.

 that were the reason for the disintegration of the family, because life after that will be better and time will return to the fixed mobile phone, and social relations will be strengthened.

Once again, life returns to normal, it is just a means only for the virtual and imaginary world to communicate with each other, in addition to strengthening family and family relationships, everyone longs for another person who will go to visit him. 

Social media is not only limited to its social limit, but has become a means between rulers, decision makers and the public.

through which a person can express his opinion freely without any restrictions that prevent him or prevent him from being prevented by its authorities. if we exclude some cases in which the repressive state imposes censorship even on the communication sites.

6 Alternative quitting of Social Media

There are many alternatives that a person must follow after quitting the addiction to social networking sites and staying away from them:

  1. including reading, he can learn about events by reading newspapers, in addition to reading in general. as it is a source of culture, and a person gains insight through Seeing, returning to the novels and stories that one would have preferred to read in the past.
  2. practicing sports to fill free time, for its health benefits that accrue to the person, as it gives the body strength and activity and clears the mind.
  3. in addition to returning to live communication with family and friends, and discussing them in life and public matters. 
  4. Face away from the keyboard buttons. 
  5. The exchange of experiences is important, especially in the youth stage. all of this would compensate one for the addiction to social networking sites.
  6.  make him not feel empty in his life by being cut off from them.



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