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Rehabilitation after accidents In Turkey

Rehabilitation after accidents In Turkey

Rehabilitation after accidents is aimed at helping to integrate into society and return to their former lives more effectively. so one of the goals of the center is to provide rehabilitation programs after accidents.

Why rehabilitation is necessary after the accident?

People who may experience and survive an accident have several symptoms that may be organic and may be psychological. 

As we know that accidents are not limited to someone. They may even be experienced by adults and children and the degree of post accident symptoms varies depending on what the patient experienced during the may be only psychological and neurological trauma and may be physical or both

Rehabilitation after accidents is therefore essential. So that the failure to provide for the people who have experienced the accident does not cause damage and risks that we may not be able to dispose of over time.

  • These injuries may cause harm to their lives. 
  • Their social and psychological Peace, their interaction with others.
  • their loss of confidence in themselves and those around them and their inability to return to normal lives, both psychologically and physically.

The Turkish Centers for health and beauty provides various methods that help in rehabilitation programs after accidents .

The Gravity of the accident

The degree of gravity of the accident varies and the accidents vary. 

A person may be in a car accident, a fire, a fall from a high place, or a trauma that causes them to develop brain-related diseases. 

This may affect his carrying out the life functions he used to perform. He or she is physically or mentally disabled from carrying out his or her daily activities or losing his or her independence. 

The rehabilitation of these people after the accident is what addresses all the consequences of the accident.

Rehabilitation objectives after accidents

Post-accident rehabilitation programs are aimed at helping to integrate into society and return to their former lives more effectively, so one of our goals is to provide post-accident rehabilitation programs that include:

  • Help those with brain-related conditions. Such as concussion and the resulting difficulty in speaking, moving or dealing normally as before. The centres is developing programmes specifically to assist them in their behavioural assessment and to train them to recover their abilities. Through the best doctors specializing in the field of speech communication.
  • Help those who have suffered the loss of any of their limbs or organs through psychological and physical programs. He is keen to provide qualified from the largest and most important international universities to help them to carry out his day-to-day work. This includes dressing, eating, bathing, etc. through exercises that are done in the best and latest ways.
  • The centers provides health care services. From in-house care to home care services. After he receives treatment at the center and needs constant follow-up for more time.

Injuries that require rehabilitation after accidents

Injuries that a patient may have following an accident vary in degree. There are severe and critical injuries and there are below, which the center provides all means, programs and methods to treat them. Get rid of them and help the patient to adapt psychosocial and restore his self-confidence and others.

Injuries that people may suffer when they are in an accident are as follows:

  • Head injury during an accident, exposure to strokes. Which may cause neuropathy, exposure to brain bleeding. Brain infections and bacterial encephalitis that can result in permanent neuropathy.
  • Injuries to the spine and cause a negative impact on the spinal nerves and thus causing neurological diseases, multiple sclerosis, which results in motor or functional impairment.
  • Parkinson's, which affects motor and functional abilities and works on disability for continuing to work and the ability to do daily activities. During the accident, a person may experience spinal cord injuries that make him unable to perform his motor abilities. It affects what functions it can do.
  • Fractures of bones or joints and the need for operations or programs to re-strengthen and straighten them. Severe joint infections or diseases of the nervous system, heart disease and diseases of the respiratory system.

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Rehabilitation steps after accidents

The patient goes through several stages when undergoing rehabilitation programs to help him with what he experienced after the accident, including:

  • The centers provides the necessary health care to the patient immediately after admission to the hospital, ensuring that his health is stable and preparing him for rehabilitation programs. It also determines the type of injury and damage resulting from it and selects the appropriate rehabilitation programs.
  • Develop a plan to determine the steps to be used in rehabilitation according to the type of injury suffered and determine the extent of his readiness and acceptance.
  • Provide the necessary care to the patient and guide the family to the exercises and exercises that must be sustained if he needs to continue to do the necessary training for his rehabilitation. It also provides continuous follow-up through the use of the best rehabilitation specialists and doctors.
  • The center provides the most skilled physical therapists to exercise and help the patient first improve his walking ability through the use of auxiliary means so that he can walk alone without assistance.



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