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7 Amazing beauty and skincare tips from Taylor Swift 2023

Taylor Swift in 2023

Celebrities provide us with endless sources of inspiration, whether in the world of beauty or fashion. We have always wondered how they achieve perfection every time they appear in public.

7 Amazing beauty and skincare tips from Taylor Swift 2021

This time we're not talking about their outfits, but what makes their beauty looks perfect! And when it comes to Taylor Swift, the first thing we think of is her red lips.

The American singer had a young take on the red lip trend with her blonde hair and exceptional bangs that made her look even more angelic or not!

We've always loved her Beauty looks and we were finally able to reveal one of her secrets and we'll share it with you.

1-red lipstick

For Taylor's lips, apply red lipstick and lighten it with a tissue. Then put the powder on the tissue and reapply it on your lips.

Finally, apply lipstick again. This way your lipstick turns into a stain that will last longer - at least enough to accompany you through a red carpet party!

2-Keep it simple

Taylor wears a fair amount of makeup, but she never overdoes it.She keeps it simple and natural, and everyone knows Taylor has the most beautiful eyes. 

Other than cat eyes and red lipstick, the rest of her look is natural. She prefers nude and pale pink colors around her eyes and skin, so there is no need for too sexy makeup.

However, there is always a slight difference between daytime makeup and nighttime makeup. Taylor's daytime look can be a little more subtle, and Taylor's nighttime look can include darker, more dramatic shades and a little more vibrant lipstick like Kim Kardashian .

3-Apply the correct eye shadow

Taylor's trick is voluminous lashes, beautiful shadows, and a clever eyeliner. 

For shades, choose beautiful colors, such as pastel pink and purple, or choose bright colors; Another look Taylor often wears is a plum, brown or black shaded eye.

Use a brush to gently blend the shade into your eyelids, using the darker colors in the outer and inner corners of the eyelid.

4-Apply mascara

Taylor usually wears black mascara, which complements her fair skin and makes her eyes stand out. 

If you will not have Taylor's full, thick lashes, put on some fake lashes and then apply mascara. Just be careful with fake lashes; you don't want them to look too fake.

5-Get smooth skin like Taylor

This does not mean that you should put a lot of makeup on, but that you should take care of your face. 

You should wash your face at least twice a day to prevent breakouts, or even try an acne cream or cleanser if you need it. Even though her skin is very light, you can get a little tan so she doesn't look too pale. 

Having tanned skin can help it look smoother, too. You don't need to get a spray tan; Just spend a little more time in the sunlight!

Try applying some skin cream every day to get super smooth skin. It's also a good idea to spray some nice-smelling perfume or lotion, but remember not to overuse it!

6-Get cat eyes like Taylor

Apply a little black wing eyeliner and apply it with a dark shade, making an oval on the outer corner.

Use a black liquid liner or a thin brush and setting cream, and try to make the line thin at first so you don't overuse it and get a really sexy look. 

Cat eyes are the most signature part of Taylor's look, so it can be important to practice getting them down.

Just know that it can be a little tricky to look at 'cat eyes' on the first try , it will take some practice, so try it at home a few times when you have nowhere to go before debuting this new look.

7-Curly your hair like Taylor Swift

Although Taylor's hair has been lately feathery and straight, if you want a more classic Taylor look, you can use a curling iron or even rollers to get that extra curly Taylor look. 

Her hair varied in degrees of curl, and you can try the extra curl first and then see if you want a looser, more streamlined look. Here's how you can achieve those curls:

  • After washing your face, differentiate it into sections and place it on large rollers to achieve Taylor Swift's hair.
  • Let your hair dry, and once that's done, take out the rollers, and you'll see the great result you'll get. 
  • If you don't want super defined curls, just wash your hair and add a bit of mousse. 
  • Then put your head down and flip your hair over and slowly dry your hair while scraping it.
  • If your hair is really straight, you will have to use mousse and curling iron. 
  • Be careful not to burn your hair by making sure your hair is 100% dry before you start perming. 
  • Next, use a bit of hairspray to maintain the look and hold the curl.



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