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Fat Burning Smoothie recipes


Smoothie is a cold, sweet, milky beverage made of fresh fruit that may contain the shape, peanut butter, embroidered ice, honey, or Melk Chick. It may consist of yogurt or ice cream. Some restaurants offer additions such as soy milk, milk serum powder, green tea, and herbal supplements.

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These juices include particularly on many dietary fibers such as (fruit pulp, vegetable pulp. often from crusts and seeds of fruit and vegetables), and these special types of juices are thicker than fruit juices in general, and have a composition similar to milk.

The fiber-rich fruit used in juices makes it healthier than others, even though juice is one type of fruit, given the natural fiber contained in each type of fruit is rich in the many vitamins and minerals needed by the body, especially green juices.


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These kinds of juices are often marketed to all the people of the world, especially because they are known for their health education. Some commercial juices do more harm than they say because they add a lot of sugar, and that weakens their carbohydrate content.

From the fact that these juices are bad, it's easy to swallow, because they don't have fiber, they don't have fruit. 

(Semi-mashed) This makes little of these juices not chewed, by making them less effective in providing a sense of saturation when eating them and not containing whole nutrients that benefit the body, like any drink that has no health, no value, and no hunger, as opposed to commercial juices, better to eat some fruits of banana fruit or vegetables without banana fruit or some vegetables.

Juices in the Other States

In the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East up to India, many different kinds of juices have been identified in the ways they are made, fruit juices are made in the Middle Eastern countries, plus milk yogurt and honey, milk juice plus yogurt, honey, and sometimes sugar, and in these countries different kinds of juices are also added together to make cocktails.

Smoothie Mango juice

Smoothie is one of the most iconic cold drinks around the world and has a sweet, rich taste. This, in addition to containing many nutrients useful to the human body, such as vitamins, mineral salts, calcium, and others, is usually served in restaurants.

The way the smoothie juice works with mango ingredients: 

  • Half a glass of pineapple juice. 
  • and lovely yogurt. 
  • Two glasses of mango chopped and frozen. 
  • Half a fruit of bananas. 
  • Two small spoons of natural honey.

Preparation method

Cut the banana pill into circular slices and set it aside until use. Put the frozen mango pieces in the blender, and run it for a few seconds at medium speed. Add banana slices to the mango in the electric blender. He spilled the lovely yogurt and juice as well as the natural honey on the previous ingredients. Reboot the electric blender at medium speed, so mix the components well. The resulting smoothies poured into the submission glasses.

Smoothie juice banana

The way smoothie juice works with banana ingredients: 

  • A glass of liquid milk. 
  • Two bananas. 
  • Two small tablespoons of dark, spiced chocolate.
  •  An amount of unsalted cocoa powder. 

Preparation method

Peeling banana fruits, then chopping them in medium size. Put banana pieces in the blender. Add liquid milk, dark chocolate, over bananas, and run the electric blender at medium speed. He poured smoothies into the glasses, decorated them with a little cocoa powder. Note: It's possible to add a little white sugar or natural honey to dessert according to taste and desire. 

Smoothie  Juice Strawberry

  • A quarter of a kilogram of fresh strawberries. 
  • Fifteen milligrams of natural honey. 
  • A hundred milliliters of lovely yogurt. 
  • Banana cut into circular rings. 
  • Glasses of ice.


Preparation method 

Put the strawberries, honey and bananas in the electric blender, and run it for a few seconds. Pour the liquid milk and the lovely milk into the blender, and restart it again. Ice index, add it to the previous ingredients. Strawberry smoothie poured into the presentation glasses, decorated with strawberry pieces. Note: He prefers to taste smoothies before pouring them to make sure he doesn't need any.

Smoothie apricot juice

The modus operandi of apricot juice: 

  • a glass and a half of cored and frozen apricot beans. 
  • Four teaspoons of natural honey. 
  • Half a glass of buttermilk.
  • One-third of a glass of liquid and cold milk. 

Preparation method

Put apricot cutting and natural honey in an electric mixer. Pour milk and curd on previous ingredients. Run the electric mixer at medium speed. Pouring apricot smoothies into presentation cassettes.

Smoothie Juice Orange

  • made 340g ingredients of half-iced orange juice. 
  • Two cups of liquid milk. 
  • Two small tablespoons of vanilla. 
  • Half a glass of sugar. 
  • 16 cubes of ice. 
  • 6 Big spoons of powder milk. 

preparation method 

is we put in the electric blender sugar and powder milk and vanilla bottom and spill orange juice and liquid milk and fail the ingredients well. We add ice cubes gradually while continuing to flatten until we get the smoothie Pour it into the presentation cups and serve it cold.

Tips To Smoothie Fantastic

  1. can replace liquid milk in recipes with dried milk after mixing it with water or with lovely milk. 
  2. You can add other fruits you'd like to smoothies.
  3. Fruits can be excreted, then used for smoothies when needed.
  4. To get a thick smoothie, put fruit and freeze it in the fridge for a while, preferably chopping the big-pill fruit.
  5.  Bananas, before freezing, are also placed out of the fridge before spawning; So the fruit doesn't stick together when it's frozen.
  6.  If the person who makes smoothies is on a diet, they can replace regular milk or ice cream with free milk.
  7.  Let's get a smoothie. It is better to add ice. 
  8. Liquids are added to the blender before fruits or solids are added so that they can be easily mixed.



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