Btc roulette check page rank What Better foods Help Reduce Cholesterol?

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What Better foods Help Reduce Cholesterol?

 Better foods Help Reduce Cholesterol

better foods help reduce cholesterol

Experts recommended the importance of patients with high blood cholesterol following a healthy diet that helps regulate and reduce cholesterol.

According to experts, the health system is not about refraining entirely from one type of food or focusing on others, but about a moderate and comprehensive diet.

According to medical expert Laura Borak, author of Slimdown with Smothies, reducing cholcitrol through food is through a more quality diet that, over time, becomes the only way a patient lives and does not require sustained effort.

The Best Habits To Reduce Cholesterol

Borak and medical expert Lauren Manker, author of The First Mother's Pregnancy Cookbook and Male Fertility Nutrition, gave several tips on the best habits that can be followed to reduce cholesterol:

  • Eat whole foods

Medical expert Laura Borak recommends focusing the diet on whole nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and fatty fish such as salmon, which have been shown to help improve blood cholesterol.

  • Add oatmeal to diet

Oatmeal is known for a long list of health benefits, as it helps improve bowel health, helps manage weight, improves insulin resistance, and helps reduce cholesterol.

According to experts, oatmeal contains fibers called beta-glucan, which essentially help remove cholesterol from the body.

  • Avoid manufactured foods and added sugar

Eating many whole foods on a regular basis is one of the keys to lowering cholesterol, according to Borak, but moving away from added sugar and manufactured foods can do wonders for heart health.

Borak says: "Contrary to what you might think of cholesterol in the past, the abundance of sugar added in our modern diet is a major contributor to high cholesterol and Foods that were formerly stigmatized for causing heart disease, such as eggs and dairy products."

  • Add melon snack

According to nutrition experts, melons are a natural source of lycopene, carotenoid, which, when taken daily at certain doses, may reduce low-density lipid protein cholesterol levels.

According to medical expert Lauren Manker, "According to the results of a clinical trial, melon intake is associated with reducing harmful LDL cholesterol and improving HDL cholesterol, and melon is an appropriate addition to many dishes, a classic wet snack that many like."

  • Eat some berries

Experts point out that berries are sweet and healthy food with no sugars and are full of useful nutrients, which support heart health.

Expert Manker adds, "Data from the metastatic analysis showed that berry consumption significantly reduced harmful cholesterol levels, making them a clear choice in reducing cholesterol."



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