Btc roulette check page rank 10 Important Tips for Handling Body Pump before and after

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10 Important Tips for Handling Body Pump before and after

 Tips For Handling Body Pump

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Body Pump is a group exercise program using an iron rod, through which you will be able to burn fat, strengthen your muscles and improve your body.

Let's look at all the details of the Body Pump program, its structure, duration, advantages, and disadvantages, and consider the issue of the impact of the Body Pump exercise on weight loss, fat burning, and muscle growth.

What is a Body Pump?

Now, Class program Body Pump TM has been created by the global fitness company Les Mills. A team of trainers from New Zealand manufactures a variety of group programs. 

By the way, Body Pump is the first Les Mills product iron training was created in 1991 by the company's founder, New Zealand athlete Philip Mills. 

Body Pump soon became popular first in neighboring Australia, then in other countries. Currently available for Body Pump classes in over 100 countries and 17,500 fitness clubs worldwide.

Exercise Body Pump is set under modern musical strikes, girls' games at a fast pace, and your main character is a sports bar. 

The purpose of this program is, on the one hand, for muscle consistency and improved body terrain, on the other hand, to reduce body fat. 

Low exercise effect (no jumping and running) can be exercised by beginners (you just need to take the minimum tape weight), suitable for both men and women.

What is BODY PUMP?

The exercise includes a set of coherent strength drills using an iron rod, carried out at a rapid pace in mode. 

Everything you'll find over 800 repeats in one session! Body Pump combines both aerobic and energy load, so the program helps burn fat and strengthen your whole body muscle. All movements are performed on popular music pieces (each song is compatible with a particular muscle group) that stimulate the student and promote the collective class atmosphere.

The body exercise pump is divided into several sections, during which you constantly exercise the muscles of all parts of the body: arms (biceps, triceps, shoulders), chest, back, legs, buttocks and press. 

Due to the principle of  exercises, not only will muscle strengthen as with standard weight training, but will burn a lot of calories. Regular exercises of the body in the pump give an effect Amazing for your body, that's why the program is so popular all over the world.

Program structure

The total separation duration of the Body Pump is 60 minutes. The program includes ten clips, each with a corresponding music track. 

The first and final song is designed to warm up and final stretch, respectively, for the remaining eight songs of different muscle groups. 

Between parts requires a short rest to change weights on iron. Sometimes Body Pump classes exist in 30 and 45 minutes for beginners or busy people as well as for health clubs that are not provided with one-hour training.

For categories, the Body Pump uses a folding rod and a set of disks with different weights (in the classic version, there is a pair of tablets 1kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg). You will also need a mat and escalation platform as support. 

Penis weight will vary depending on the exercise. For example, large bonLSI muscle groups require weights (legs and back), and smaller muscle groups need less weight (arms and shoulders). You can always improve your workout difficulty by reducing or increasing the weight of the projectile. 

10 Important Tips for Handling Body Pump 

In Body Pump, some exercises are also performed using penis tablets (arms and chest) or your body weight (pushing UPS and crunches).Thus, the body pump exercise has 10 slices for 4-5 minutes, each clip conforms to a particular piece of music:

  1. Warm-up: Includes warm-up exercises for all muscle groups. Recommended weight: Lighter weight among all slides.
  1. Squatting: Squats work on the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Recommended weight: heaviest among all segments.
  1. Issued: Exercises for chest muscles, performed by lying on a seat with an iron bar and tablets of the penis, sometimes pressure exercises. Recommended weight: 1.5 times more than exercise.
  1. Back: This part includes different traction bars and grip pressing tape. Recommended weight: average between second and third tranches.
  1. Triceps: Triceps is a muscle located in the back of the hand. This part usually includes insulation exercises for triceps with discs or penises and pressure with a tight grip.
  1. Biceps: The biceps is a muscle located at the front of the hand. Includes This weightlifting part and engines are different enough to include biceps in isolation. Recommended weight: In the part on the triceps or slightly more.
  1. Attacks: The rush works on the muscles of the legs and buttocks. This part may also include some squat differences. Recommended weight: the same weight as in the part on the chest.
  1. Shoulders: This part includes UPS units with wide hand positions, as well as raising and raising hands using discs or bars. Recommended weight: same weight in warm-up period.
  1. Stomach: In this part, you will perform exercises on the ground for your oblique abdominal muscles, including seating options, planks, leg lifting, and rotation. Recommended weight: It is usually performed without weight.
  1. Stretch: At the end of the program, you will find a nice set of lengthening exercises. Recommended weight: Running without weight.

Parts of the Body Pump category are missing for 30 minutes in biceps, triceps, shoulders, stab and stretch (but lengthening exercises are recommended at the end of classes independently). Body pump category 45 minutes missing in biceps and triceps.

The body pump exercise consists of classic strength exercises that bodybuilders usually use in their classrooms. You don't have to learn any fantasy movements or ligaments, like dance or yoga

The complex body pump is built on a base and isolation exercises are the most effective for muscle development. But despite the easy understanding of motion programs, it is very important to implement them correctly, as the trainer explained.

Characterized by the exercise of the body pump

Every quarter, Les Mills launches a new body training pump with an updated set of exercises and musical tracks. This means that the above structure is fully preserved, but the set of exercises and their sequence in each segment changes from one version to another. 

This helps avoid routine and get used to monotonous exercises. It is clear that the continuous implementation of the same exercises has a negative impact on motivation and the process of body transformation.

Nowadays, there are already more than 100 versions of Body Pump. Quarterly trainers worldwide from Les Mills get a lead with the program's updated choreography.

One of the features the Body Pump category is a musical atmosphere that allows you to convert L training fun and fun career. The program often accompanies modern rock and pop hits, remixing them so that it is better to match rhythm and speed exercises. Every three months, a collection of music pieces as well as Les Mills programs are updated.

How effective is the BODY PUMP weight loss program?

The body pumping program is very effective in weight loss This is the cause of 70% of those attending these classes in girls' halls. 

First, Body Pump is trained at a high rate of girls' toys that helps burn calories and fat, and reduce and eliminate excess weight. 

Second, strength exercises with weights help strengthen muscles, meaning you will get a harmonious muscle body. 

Ensuring the creators of the program for an hour of Body Pump exercises can burn up to 600 calories.

Body Pump is ideal for those who want not only to reduce body size but also to improve body composition and dilution. But if you primarily need to consume high calories to burn fat quickly, it is best to choose a more intense exercise dominated by cardiovascular exercises. View for these purposes, other group categories:

  1. National Club Stars
  2. Tapata Training
  3. Cycling

To lose weight quickly, you can combine intensive cardio exercises with a body pump. For example, twice a week and do Body Pump twice a week and attend group fitness classes for weight loss or exercise on cardiovascular devices in this case, you will improve your body in a shorter period of time.

How Effective is the BODY PUMP muscle growth program?

Among the variety of Body Pump exercises closest to bodybuilding. However, this is not classic strength training and is designed for muscle growth. 

In Body Pump mode, several repeat processes are used with a small weight, this strength training principle is primarily aimed at fat loss and not muscle growth. 

Yes, your muscles will harmonize and strengthen from training with weights, but muscle growth will be difficult to calculate (especially in women, a hormonal system that has not been honed for remarkable muscle growth).

If you want to build muscle, a Body Pump is your perfect choice to achieve this goal. But of course, even such training with weights is better for muscles than cardio, yoga, pilates, or dance.

If you want to work on muscle mass with the help of a Body Pump, you have to gradually increase penis weight, and don't forget to consume enough protein for anabolic processes.

If, on the contrary, I fear increasing the volume of training using iron, there is a point. In this case, if your muscles respond well to any energy load (for example, in response to workouts with much-switched weights), the Body Pump exercise will not go unnoticed. Sometimes some girls complain of the increased foot. 

But, first, it's very individual. Secondly, it is possible to take minimum penis weight to reduce the energy load on muscles. You should try to visit a few Body Pump classes and watch the body shift. But I can't confirm the body pump exercise is not designed to increase muscle mass.

Benefits of Body Pump Exercise:

A body pump is the perfect combination of strength and exercise. Small weight classes, but running at a fast pace, not only promotes weight loss but also creates a comfortable body.

This exercise using an iron rod is useful for muscle development and heart tolerance and improves fitness and strength.

In Body Pump offers a simple move without complex choreography or complex situations, which no longer need to be studied. The program is easy to follow.

Every 3 months, Les Mills produces new versions of Body Pump, further improving your body. 

Once your muscles start adjusting to pregnancy, the sudden change in exercise pushes them into more intense work. More than 100 episodes of the program have been released, undoubtedly demonstrating the program's great popularity.

With the body pump, you work on every muscle, every part of your body. It proved futile to do exercises in the problem area only, all muscles should be involved. This increases exercise efficiency and help to burn more calories.

You don't have to worry about exercises that will make you "compact." Such loads of energy in the Body Pump will not grow muscle and will only come in a small tone. For a set of muscle mass, you need a more serious weight and a few repetitions.

You can manually adjust the load by changing the weights. Thus, your training will increase in intensity as your body grows.

Body pump is a universal exercise. Both men and women can do it.

The body pump helps the long-term improvement of body position and avoidance of many chronic problems in the spine. Training using iron rods is also a good way to prevent osteoporosis.

BODY PUMP workout defects

The software is completely inappropriate for beginners. If you have just started your fitness journey, try an alternative program.

Although, of course, you can take a minimum weight and exercise at a smaller capacity, carefully monitor the load.

Strength exercises using iron rods are very shocking. An inappropriate method when performing exercises using an iron bar can cause pain in the knees, back, and waist. 

Lessons in group classes do not always have the opportunity to work individually and patch techniques.

A body pump is not suitable for those who want to build muscle mass style representatives primarily work on fat loss.



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