Btc roulette check page rank 8 Important tips for dealing with BODY PUMP

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8 Important tips for dealing with BODY PUMP

The tips for dealing with BODY PUMP

8 Important tips for dealing with BODY PUMP

Before doing Body Pump exercises, read our tips that will help you achieve a positive result quickly.

1-Starting Exercises slowly

If you have not previously participated in classes at Body Pump or while you are in good physical condition, experts recommend slowly starting your exercises, without pressing the burden. 

2-Increasing Exercise

In the first week of classes, gradually increase the intensity of exercise and weights to reduce the risk of infection.

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3-Listening Carefully

listen carefully to all instructions of trainer group classes. Don't rush and don't make sudden moves, try to keep a clear eye on them. Remember that the correct execution of exercises will not only help avoid injury but also ensure the effectiveness of training. If you doubt the right exercise, make sure to check out the mysterious point in the trainer.

4- Good position Exercise

During the exercise, take your shoulder tablet together and do not turn back; A good position is a fundamental moment in the right technology. It is always recommended to keep your knees slightly bent, belly tightening, and shoulders. During squats and lunges, keep the knees forward.

5- the best pump their buttocks and legs

Girls who want to pump their buttocks and legs, you have to take weights more for the part with squats and lunges. Make sure to tighten the gluteal muscles during exercise for their best work.

6-Penis weight control

It shouldn't be too heavy for you, but it shouldn't be too easy. In the first case, you will not be able to observe the exercise, and the second will not give the desired load to your body.

7-Choose the penis weight experimentally

It is best to choose the penis weight training experimentally, with the focus on recommendations for muscle groups described above. Weight of weight depends on a person's physical abilities and desired intensity.

8-Regular body pump exercise 

The body pump exercise should be regular. If you train only once a week or have long rest periods, the process of improving models will be delayed longer.

Program creators suggest doing it at Body Pump 2-4 times a week, making sure to separate at least one day between classes.



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