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Churchill car insurance number & Contact Details UK

Churchill car insurance number , coverage , benefits

Churchill car insurance number

Who is Churchill?

Learn about the types of Car insurance coverage Churchill offers.

Churchill , founded in 1989, was one of the first insurance firms in the United Kingdom to sell direct policies to motorists, eliminating the need to go via a broker. 

It was the first to offer vehicle and house insurance quotations online in 1999, and it now sells all insurance products over the phone and online.

Since then, its insurance offers have expanded to include travel insurance, pet insurance, breakdown coverage, and car insurance.

Contact Churchill

In the United States, dial 0345603 3551 to contact Churchill. 

What types of coverage does Churchill offer? 

Churchill offers a variety of automobile insurance packages, including single car coverage, multiple car coverage, vintage car coverage, and "black box" telecommunications coverage, which is frequently excellent for young drivers trying to save money on coverage.

Information on Churchill provides a number of benefits to policyholders, including If you suffer an accident and are unable to drive, Churchill will pay you up to £100 while your claim is being processed so you can afford emergency travel and keep your life continuing.

A free car is provided as standard, provided you have a comprehensive cover and use a certified Churchill repairer. All authorized reformer repairs come with a five-year warranty.

As a comprehensive policyholder, you will have cover against personal accidents for you and your husband /wife, as well as cover for personal property in the car, subject to a certain limit. 

  • If you are involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, your comprehensive coverage, subject to certain restrictions, will protect your no claims bonus and repay any overpayments.

  • If your car is less than a year old and is written off, you will be given a new replacement vehicle. 

  • If it is more than 12 months old, you can select between a replacement, an upgrade, or money.

Legal counsel is provided around the clock, seven days a week.

The vehicle must be non-perishable, with only comprehensive coverage, and travel to one destination in the UK, excluding claims Only glass. 

Claim limit of £100. Weekends and bank holidays are not included in payment on the next working day, Churchill's qualifications.

The Financial Conduct Authority licenses and regulates Churchill. 

Why is it worthwhile to shop?

If you are "auto-renewal" of your car insurance at the current insurer, you are one of nearly a quarter of motorists who may lose significant savings because these renewal premiums are often set at a price higher than the previous year. 

Benefits of Churchill car insurance

  1. A 24-hour emergency number.
  2. While the insured vehicle is being repaired, you will have access to a courtesy car (comprehensive cover).
  3. Up to £100 is available for immediate travel expenses (comprehensive cover).
  4. All insurance-covered repairs come with a five-year guarantee.
  5. When a vehicle is written off, you can choose between a replacement vehicle and a cash payout.
  6. If the car is vandalized, no claims discount is kept.

Is Churchill's Comprehensive Plus worth it?

This level of protection from Churchill provides drivers with additional protection over normal comprehensive coverage. 

This includes no-claims protection and coverage for any excess if you are hit by an uninsured motorist and the accident is not their fault. 

Personal accident insurance of up to £5,000 for the driver and their partner or spouse is also covered Legal protection up to £100,000.

Those with young children can also benefit from up to £250 in new child car seats in the event of an accident. 

The car is also automatically protected for up to 90 days of international travel.

What exactly is Churchill Insurance's DriveSure?

DriveSure is a type of telematics insurance. 

Telematics records how you drive using GPS technology via your cell phone and rewards safe drivers with lower insurance. 

Churchill provides DriveSure to drivers aged 17 to 25, a group of individuals who often face significantly high auto insurance prices.

What are the advantages of Churchill Insurance's DriveSure ?

  • DriveSure begins offering discounts to drivers with a full driving license in the first year. 

  • Those who drive cautiously can also receive additional reductions while renewing their insurance policy.

  • Drivers with a full driving license will not have their premiums adjusted mid-term based on their driving scores during the first year of insurance.

  • It's simple to get started; all drivers need is a smartphone and the Churchill DriveSure app. The software also keeps users up to date on their driving scores.

To download an application DriveSure app, click here

What exactly does the Churchill DriveSure app track?

  • The app evaluates the driver's driving behavior as well as the locations and times of day in which he or she travels. 

  • This covers elements like travel speed in comparison to other road users, rates of acceleration and braking, and how long commutes without a break are. 

  • The software tracks phone calls received and any physical phone usage while driving. 

  • The app also keeps track of the times of The day traveled, as well as the types and intricacy of routes used.

How can I raise my Drive Sure app score?

Here are five suggestions to improve your DriveSure score:

  • Maintain a consistent speed and tempo with other road users.
  • Avoid abrupt acceleration and harsh braking, instead, aim to accelerate and decelerate softly and smoothly.
  • On extended drives, take frequent rests to avoid driving tiredness.
  • To avoid being distracted, keep your phone away from the front of the car.
  • Avoid late-night travel since it is considered riskier than traveling during the day.



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