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Eyelashes Extensions | The best beauty salon near me

Eyelash Extensions Near Me

Eyelashes Extensions | The best beauty salon near me

Eyelash extensions also known as eyelash connections or lash extensions have been highly sought after in recent years.

With a marked increase in demand rates, due to the fact that they are the easiest and fastest way to get longer and higher lashes for a more charming and attractive eye appearance.

Achieving the desired results through lash connections depends on the level of the salon offering that service. 

The lashes themselves must be made of good and safe fibers and are installed with skilled and experienced hands. Health best below shows a list of the best beauty salons near me specializing in the installation of eyelashes extensions around the world.

Eyelashes Extensions | The best beauty salon near me

EBENEZER Eyelash Links 

Ebenezer Eyelash Extension Salon has nearly two decades of experience in this field. 

Starting its activity through the store in 2002, it has been able in subsequent years to become one of the leading names specializing in the design and innovation of industrial eyelashes. 

The Salon is keen to offer a variety of eyelashes suited to all personal needs and preferences with lengths ranging from 6:18 ml.

  • Natural Shape.
  • Cat Eye Shape.
  • The shape of the curve (J Curl/C Curl).

The Ebenezer Eyelash Extension salon, in collaboration with a selection of lash fitting specialists, ensures the highest levels of safety as well as the best results, in addition to providing a special package of additional services, notably "eye collagen, mascara coating, lash intensification".

Branch addresses:

  1. Garment District: 1006 No. 6 Avenue 2nd Floor, New York City, New York State.
  1. Korea Town: 2nd Street, New York City, New York State.


Winx is one of the leading companies in the development and production of industrial eyelash kits.

Its products are lightweight to give a greater sense of comfort when wearing them as well as long-lasting, also provides very diverse and versatile designs to suit various eye shapes, three basic lash formulas are available:

  • Classic Lashes: Includes longer and thicker eyelashes. The set consists of 80:120 eyelashes.
  • Folium Lashes Volume Lashes
  • It is a thinner bristle applied at a rate of 200:400 blades per eye.
  • Mega Folium Mega Volume: this is a thinner, thinner eyelash that uses 400:600 eyelashes per eye.

Winx Lash and Makeup Studio are interested in providing all the looks and means of luxury, which aims to give its customers greater comfort during the lash installation experience, which takes the first time about two hours for the classic style, the duration rises to three hours for mega folium lashes.

  • Address: 3005 West Loeb Street, Houston, Texas, USA.


The Beauty Balance Esthetics salon offers highly versatile sets of lash connections, which are perfectly safe on all skin types and comfortable as well as matching to the natural lash shape. 

Founded in 2009 by cosmetic expert Corey Corville, the salon offers various packages of eyelash formulations to suit different needs, most notably:

  • Full Set Hybrid: Combination of light and large size individual eyelashes for a dramatic appearance.
  • Full Set Classic: Full lashes with a natural appearance.
  • Fill Classic (2/3 weeks).
  • Fill Hybrid (2/3 weeks).
  • Full Set Volume is available in three sizes (3D, 4D, and 5D).
  • Fill Volume.

The Beauty Balance Esthetics salon offers advance booking services for customer time. 

It is also keen to provide the highest standards of comfort and well-being during lash installation sessions, ranging from 40 to about 2 hours according to the type of eyelashes and the selected package.

  1. Address: 13747 Montfort Road, 200 Dallas Street, Texas, USA.


Luum Precision Lash offers a variety of lash connections, all of which are 100% safe for eye health and sensitive skin
The salon has a keen interest in relying on highly advanced technological means, thereby ensuring that lash connections are installed more precisely and safely. The most prominent of these are:

  • Artificial Intelligence: improves system performance as a whole by learning from each client's neural networks.
  • Computer Vision: provides an accurate view of the customer's eyelashes which facilitates and accelerates the task.
  • Robotics: Sophisticated robots with accurate repetitive motion ensure a perfect and fast application of eyelash bristles.
The Luum Precision Lash Center has a selection of the most skilled and best eyelash artists.
working to assist each client in the selection process of the shape and pattern of lash extensions suitable for their appearance, as well as providing many important tips to ensure the best results, as well as their location near Oakland, California.


The salon is concerned with the available of a safety factor and therefore relies on environmentally friendly adhesives that include some natural castor oil which in turn contributes to the strengthening of the natural hair follicle and supports it healthily. 
The salon provides many types of artificial eyelashes in terms of height and thickness levels, notably:

  • Classic eyelashes.
  • Hybrid eyelashes between classic style and folium 2.
  • Volume LA lashes.
  • Mega Folium eyelashes.

The Mea Beauty salon seeks to stay in a state of constant and continuous development by creating new sets of eyelashes extensions.
All of which are experimented with for several months before they are presented to customers, as well as relying entirely on a medical grade eyelash adhesive, these services are provided through the salon's two branches:

Mea Beauty Salon is one of the most comprehensive and integrated beauty salons, but it is particularly distinguished in providing lash formulation services that have long experience of up to 8 years. 

  1. 1722 Solano, Berkeley, California.
  2. 1690 São Paulo, Unit (F), Pinol, California.


Kristin Wood salons have more than 20 years of experience in cosmetics and specifically lash design, their designs are different and versatile to suit different desired looks.
All helping to intensify lashes and make them look thicker and denser, varying between semi-permanent lash kits and lash kits ready to wear directly.

  • The Couture Collection,a high-density array of eyelash accessories with more than 250 eyelashes per eye from industrial mink, requires a fortnight or three-week follow-up to maintain their appearance.
  • Designer Collection: This collection is inspired by Christine Wood's versatile and diverse clients, so the collection
  • It fits different eye shapes and desired views and includes 160 eyelashes per eye.
  • Ready-to-Wear Collection: a large variety of ready-to-wear artificial eyelashes, fitting all eye forms of classic style, natural shape and to the known as cat's eye.

The Kristin Wood Salon ensures a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for customers, plus continuous follow-up services for semi-permanent eyelash formulations every two or three weeks. 

  1. It offers advance booking and free parking.
  2. Address: 2885 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Envious Lashes Salon was founded by Clementina Richardson, who has more than 14 years of experience in the art of lash extension design. 
The salon's services focus on eye beautification and include keratin dye for eyelashes and eyebrow forming, plus lash accessories or eyelash connections which feature the following:

  • Special consultation for each customer to know his requirements accurately.
  • Design eyelash extensions to suit the shape of each eye.
  • The connections correspond to the type and color of natural eyelashes.
  • Multiple lengths and bends to select the most suitable ones.
  • Usage of FDA-approved adhesives.

Envious Lashes Salon collaborates with elite trained and licensed eyelash designers to practice this profession. 
The Salon came in first place in the rankings of the largest magazines. The salon services can be obtained through three branches:

  1. No. 20 E 24th Street, New York City, New York State - United States of America.
  2. 6546 Jercow Turnpike, COMAC, New York State - USA.
  3. 1170 SW Brickell, Miami City, Florida - United States.


The London Dolls studio is one of the models of integrated beauty salons; With a wide variety of cosmetic solutions including anti-aging treatments along with the usual beauty salon services.
It is particularly distinguished in offering eyelash extensions to beautify the appearance of the eyes and make them look longer and higher intensity. The highlights of this service are:

  • Provide a great variety of eyelash extentions.
  • High-quality fiber is completely safe and packed
  • High-quality fiber is completely safe and conforms to a natural appearance.
  • The eyelashes last for prolonged periods of up to 6 full weeks.

The London Dolls Industrial Eyelashes are characterized by their continued distinctive appearance and are not influenced by any of the daily activities. 
Experts at the salon pay great attention to providing many tips and guidance to customers on ways and means of looking after and protecting eyelashes.

  1. Address: No. 20 Gosimar Gardens, London, United Kingdom.


The Girlkin Lashes salon is keen for its customers to have a luxurious and luxurious experience.
The salon mainly specializes in semi-permanent eyelash formulations, but it may expand a range of other beauty services as required and desired by customers.
The Girlkin Lashes salon offers a very diverse bouquet of artificial eyelashes of multiple lengths, shapes, and density levels. 
The salon offers a full range of services within a perfect and comfortable working environment with all the ways and forms of luxury. 
This is done with the hands of a very carefully selected range of best designers and lashes installation technicians.

  1. Address: 1510 Resterstone Road, Maryland, United States of America.



Luxe Lasherie salon activity began in 2016 to turn within a few years into one of the world's most prominent names in the design of eyelash extensions
The salon is fully keen to use the finest industrial eyelashes as well as the best and safest adhesives, divided into three basic categories varying in length, thickness, and density levels:

  • Classic eyelash links.
  • Multi-sized Eyelashes Extensions "2D, 3D, 4D, 5D".
  • Thick eyelash connections MEGA.

Besides the above, Luxe Lasherie Salon offers eyelash lifting or 
eyelash curling service, this procedure helps to prolong natural eyelashes and make them look fuller and dense, along with eyelash formulations care services at a rate of two or three weeks to maintain their charming appearance.

  1. Address: Jersey City, New Jersey, United States of America.



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