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Florida Motorcycle License | How to get a motorcycle license in Florida?

How to get a motorcycle license in Florida

Florida Motorcycle License | How to get a motorcycle license in Florida

There's no better way to experience the open road than on a motorcycle - and you'll save on fuel, too!

To legally operate a motorcycle in Florida , you will usually need either a motorcycle license or special certification on your standard driver's license. 

The process for obtaining this license or endorsement will vary based on where you live for example, all 50 US states have their own procedures. However, it usually includes taking a written test, practicing your skills, passing a road test, and completing a set of paperwork.

Get a motorcycle manual from the government's motor vehicle office. This book provides information used in developing questions related to the Motorcycle Learner Permit Written Exam. 

The easiest way to obtain a copy in most jurisdictions is to download it from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

You can also get a copy from the local branch of your car office.

Don't just browse the book. Read it, take notes, and take any practice tests that may be provided.

Consult the brochure or contact the Motoring Bureau regarding the basic requirements for obtaining a motorcycle learner permit. For example, you must be at least 16 years old in the United States.

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Apply for a motorcycle learner permit. If you meet the basic criteria (minimum age, etc.) and have studied the brochure, go to the motor vehicle office to fill out a learner permit application. 

You will likely be required to pay a permit application fee and pass written and vision tests to receive one.

If you fail the practical exam, you will likely be able to take it again if you pay another application fee.

Vision testing is usually very rudimentary. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses to pass them in, a note will likely be added to your statement (and subsequent license) that you must wear them when operating a motorcycle.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Licensing Test

1- Practice to operate a motorcycle with your learner's permit. You will always have to wait a while before you can test the full license.

2- In some US states, the mandatory waiting period is 20 days, in others it is not less than 6 months.

3- Commitment to the restrictions placed on the learner's permit. You may only be allowed to drive a motorbike during the day, and you are not allowed to carry passengers.

4- Do not drink any amount of alcohol before riding your motorcycle. Learner passes usually come with very severe restrictions on blood alcohol content (often 0%).

Certified Motorcycle Training Course to Get Your License in Florida

Complete an approved motorcycle training course to obtain your license. 

With the end of your learner permit waiting period nearing, enroll in a privately run but government-approved motorcycle course. 

In many jurisdictions, successfully completing this fairly short course (often 2-3 days) means that you can skip taking the road test at the motoring office and go straight for your full license!

Once you pass the course, you will receive a certificate to bring to your car office. 

If this is accepted in place of the road test, you will be able to apply for your license at that point. Call the office ahead of time so you know what to bring with you (ID card, payment, forms, etc.).

Make sure the course is approved by your vehicle office. In most US states, Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses are subject to government sanctions and can allow you to pass the Bureau of Motor Vehicles road test.

How to Register to License Your Motorcycle in Florida

Sign up for a licensing road test at your car office. Keep practicing your skills until the waiting period on your learner's permit is over.


Next, visit your local motoring office, fill out a motorcycle driver's license application, and pay the application fee. 

Many US states offer this application form on their website, but you will likely have to submit it in person.

In some jurisdictions, you may be able to apply for a road test and take a road test on the same day, but you will usually have to schedule a test day in the future.

If possible, check the weather forecast before scheduling a road test, as you won't want to go through the rain.

Get a street bike that you can ride for testing. You can buy one, rent one, or borrow one, but the motorcycle must be legally registered to travel on the roads in your area. The Automobile Bureau does not provide borrowed bikes!

Florida Motorcycle Models for License

Low seat height Cruiser models are ideal for testing your motorcycle because they have a low center of gravity.

Verify that you have insurance, valid license plates, and motorcycle registration. You risk receiving a ticket if any aspect of your bike does not comply with the law.

Motorcycle insurance

  • It is a separate policy from car insurance. Contact your insurance company for information.
  • Pass the road test and complete the paperwork for your license. If you know the course they use for a road test sometimes it's just an office car park visit during the off hours before the day of the test.
  • This way, you can practice braking, starting, stopping, and turning techniques while the office is closed.
  • If you fail the test, you can usually take it again at another time. However, there may be a limit to the number of times you can take the test.
  • Once you pass the road test, you'll just have to fill out some paperwork and (most likely) pay some fees to get your motorcycle license or driver's license approved.

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Get your Florida motorcycle license and hit the road!

If you pass a road test taken at the motor vehicle office or an approved course, you will have to obtain your actual license from the motor vehicle office. Make sure you understand the paperwork and fees involved in the process.

In most cases, taking your photo is the last step in the process.

Obtaining a Temporary License in Florida

You can get a temporary license until the permanent license is sent to you, or you can get your permanent license right away.

When riding a motorcycle, keep your license with you at all times.

In the United States, a license valid in one state allows you to drive legally in all other states. If you move to a new state, you will have to apply for a new license and may need to pass written and/or road tests.

Get your motorcycle learner's permit in Florida

In Florida , the process for obtaining a learner's permit and the required waiting period before you can obtain your full license varies, depending on your age. You can apply for a permit once you reach the age of 15.

  1. Regardless of your age, you must make an appointment at the DMV, pass written and vision tests, get fingerprinted and photographed, bring proof of identity and residency, and pay the application fee (currently $35).
  2. If you are under 18, you also need parental permission and either a valid driver's license or proof that you have completed both driving education and driving training courses.
  3. If you are under the age of 21, you must have already completed the Florida Motorcyclist Safety Program.

You will need to hold your permit for at least 6 months before you can get the full license, if you are under 18, otherwise, there is no minimum waiting period.

Complete a state-approved course, especially if you are under the age of 21. If you wish to obtain your license before you turn 21, you are required by law to complete a motorcycle training course approved by the Florida Highway Patrol. 

Ensure that you obtain a Certificate of Completion (Form DL389) upon completion of the course.

These courses are run privately, but be sure to be accredited by the CHP.

Passing this course means that you do not have to take a road test at the DMV. This is true if you are over 21 years old as well.

Take the DMV road test only if you are 21 or older and have not taken a course. This is the only scenario in which you are required to make an appointment with the DMV and take a road test at the facility. 

No matter your age, you can skip this hassle by completing an accredited course and obtaining the DL389 completion form.

Contact your local DMV branch to book a road test appointment and decide what documents to bring and the fees. You will need to bring an insured, licensed, street law motorcycle for the test.

Bring the required documents to your DMV appointment to obtain your license. If you have a valid learner's permit, have waited the required six months (if under 18), and have passed either an approved course or the DMV road test, you are ready to receive your full license. 

Make an appointment at the DMV office and bring the following with you:

  • Your permit is valid.
  • Course Completion Form (DL389) or DMV-administered Road Test Completion Certificate.
  • Florida driver's license or another valid and acceptable identification document.
  • Proof of residency (only under certain circumstances; ask the DMV).
  • Your social security number.

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          • Complete the M1 permit requirements. Florida, motorcycle licensing comes in 3 stages: M1, M2, and M. To obtain an M1 permit.
          • Start by studying the official Florida Motorcycle Handbook, available online (here) or at a test drive. 
          • If you are at least 16 years old, bring approved identification to the center.
          • Pass the vision test.
          • Pay the application fee (currently $15.75 CAN).
          • Pass an evidence-based multiple-choice written test.

          Practice your M1 pass for 60 to 90 days. You have a limited time window where you can't test your M2 license before 60 days, but your M1 permit expires after 90 days. Spend this time training, but follow the rules for M1 permits:

          1. Tips when driving a motorcycle
          2. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.
          3. Do not operate a motorcycle with any alcohol in your system.
          4. Ride only during daylight hours.
          5. Do not exceed 80 km (50 mph) (with limited exceptions).
          6. Do not carry any passengers.

          Take a motorcycle safety course or a road test. After 60 days but before the 90 days have passed, you can go to a driving test center and take a standard road test. If you pass, you will get an M2 license. However, if you have completed a drug safety training course.

          Motorcycles are privately operated but government approved for the past six months, you can bring your certificate to a driving test center and move onto the M2 without taking a road test.

          Safety courses usually last for two days and provide a motorbike for your use.

          Wait 18-22 months to take your second M license road test. If you took an approved safety course for an M2 license, you will need.

          Wait 18 months before taking your final road test to get your permanent M license. If you take the M2 road test at a driving test center, you will have to wait 22 months. To perform an M test:

          1. Book a road test appointment (by phone or online) and mention the locations of your three favorite driving test centers.
          2. Bring an M2 license and a legal, licensed, and insured motorbike to use for the test.
          3. Pay the required fee (currently $89.25 CAN).


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