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Are Your Parenting Styles Effective ?

There are many ideas out there on how new parents should take care of their children. Some parents choose to use the styles of parenting their parents used. 

Others choose to get parenting help from friends or through books. 

Single parenting guide

There is no single parenting guide that works for every unique situation. 

However, psychologists and social scientists have determined which parenting styles are the best and most effective so that you are most likely to have positive parenting. Consider the three different parenting styles that you can use and their pros and cons.

Authoritarian These are the parents who are always trying to be in control when parenting children and often exert their control over all aspects of the Child's life. 

When it comes to parenting teens these individuals use strict rules to keep order and usually don't show much affection and warmth. Often these parents are critical of their children when they don't meet their specific standards. 

The children are told what to do and the children aren't often given choices or options.

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Method of parenting children

  • This method of parenting children can be confusing for the child since the parents.
  • Often don't explain why they are having their children do things. 
  • The authoritarian style focuses more on bad behavior than other types of parenting styles and children are often scolded or punished if they don't follow the rules.

Typically, a child growing up in a household with an authoritarian parenting style won't learn to think for themselves and often have a difficult time understanding why parents want them to behave a certain way.

Permissive With this method, new parents often give up control of their child. These parents often don't establish rules and if they do, they don't enforce them. 

This is often because the parents don't want to deal with the routine and feel their children should be free. There are no boundaries or expectations when it comes to the child's behavior. Children are accepted in a warm, loving manner no matter how they behave.

Parents help direct their children

  • Permissive parents will tend to provide their child with many choices, even if the child doesn't always make the best choices. Often the child's behavior is accepted whether it is good or bad and no comment will be made.

  • Sometimes these parents may even feel they can't change misbehavior or they may just choose not to get involved. Democratic This style of parenting is different from all other types of parenting styles because it helps children to become responsible for themselves and think about the results that come from their behavior.

  • Parents help direct their children through clear and reasonable expectations along with explanations as to why a child should behave a certain way. The children are monitored to make sure they follow the expectations and rules, but they aren't authoritative. Rather it is done in a warm and loving manner.

  • This is done by reinforcing the good behavior, rather than focusing on what the child is doing wrong. Democratic is a very positive parenting method. Children are given choices based on their abilities. Teaching, rather than punishing, is used to guide a child's behavior.

  • Choosing a Style that is Right for you just because these are the three main styles of parenting, doesn't mean you have to stick to them completely.

  • Often a parent will mix various types of parenting styles in order to find an effective blend that works well for their unique family situation. It is best to consider what you want to teach your children when it comes to choosing between parenting styles.

  • Scientific research into the development of a child has shown that the most positive outcome for children occurs when parents use the democratic style.

  • Often children who have permissive parents will become aggressive and act out often.

Keep in mind that none of these parenting styles will work unless you have a close bond with your child. You can find any number of parenting help today, but none of them can teach you what comes naturally, the bond you have with your child. 

For this, there is no parenting guide and you simply need to consider your unique needs when choosing between types of parenting styles.



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