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 Health Insurance 

Health insurance in Switzerland

All residents in Switzerland must subscribe to the health insurance in Switzerland and Accident Insurance Agency

These private agencies bear the costs of treating accidents, illnesses, or pregnancies. 

Health insurance and accident insurance must be subscribed to within the first three months of arrival in Switzerland.

Health Insurance in Switzerland (Basic Insurance)

All Swiss residents of both sexes are required to participate personally in basic insurance (Grundversicherung) within an insurance agency. 

Anyone moving to Switzerland to live must subscribe to basic health insurance within the first three months of arrival. 

The costs of treatment are retrospectively paid for when the new future is ill during this period. Basic health insurance service is provided by many private insurance agencies (Krankenkasse)‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏. 

The participant has the right to choose the appropriate agency freely. Insurance agencies must accept the admission of all residents on Swiss territory and in a compulsory manner. 

The subscriber pays a monthly subscription value that varies from agency to agency depending on the type of insurance and services sought. So it's more useful to compare offers. 

Changing the insurance agency is possible once a year and during November each year. Insurance agencies not only bear the costs of treating the disease but also the expenses of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Services that must be provided are legally specified. 

Attention: The cost of dental treatment and the purchase of glasses is borne by the beneficiary of his own money.

Health insurance in Switzerland Accident Insurance

The employer is responsible for securing employees who work with him against accidents during work and leisure time when the person's working hours exceed eight hours a week. 

Those who work less are not insured and must personally arrange for accident insurance. This is also applied to private entrepreneurs and non-employees, who have to participate in accident insurance through their health insurance companies or other companies.

Participants must pay their monthly contribution in person. For employees, the contribution value is deducted directly from the pension.

Reduction of the subscription value

People who have difficulty paying for a monthly contribution can apply for a reduction in the subscription value (Prämienvebilligung).

Getting a reduction requires submitting a written request annually before 31 December of each flag. Approval of the application means that next year one will pay less than the value of the specific subscription. 

The newly transferred to the new municipality after the above-mentioned date is treated exceptionally and on the basis of specially designed laws, and after submitting .

a special application to the municipality's social insurance department, it is the information that gives and receives the requests.

Supplementary Insurance for Basic Insurance

Supplementary Insurance (Zusatzversicherung) is a supplement to basic insurance. 

Insurance agencies' offers are diverse in this area, covering a lot of additional services that are not covered by basic insurance. Like dental treatment. 

Supplementary insurance service is provided by most insurance agencies. Insurance agencies have the power to accept or accept the provision of their services to applicants on a conditional basis.

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