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Thanks Giving : Make your meeting on Thanksgiving holiday safer


Make your meeting on Thanksgiving holiday safer.

For those preparing for this Thanksgiving gathering who are also worried about the increase in respiratory viruses leading to hospitalization for children, health experts say there are some things you can do to make your gatherings safer.

Thanks Giving , it may not be as big as you'd expect


Hospitals have already reported a worrying rate of admissions to children's hospitals, with ICU beds falling well to single figures. Some health experts fear that a surge after Thanksgiving could exacerbate the situation.

The assembly's commissioner, It's only November, and the RSV virus has already arrived and hit us hard. There are other viruses that don't make the news as much as they do right now just because it's respiratory virus season.

If we see a significant increase, and we'll see some increase in that, undoubtedly, from influenza and COVID, moreover, especially for children, you know, our good hospital capacity could be running out.

Should you gather on Thanksgiving as respiratory viruses spread? What should be thought of before this gathering?

The most important way people can reduce risk at Thanksgiving holiday gatherings is by using ventilation.

"So opening windows a little bit even on Thanksgiving, if you're going to a warmer place for Thanksgiving, do it outside. 

These are all things that limit the risk not only of COVID, but of all other respiratory viruses.

"Ventilation and airflow are things that we have discovered over the last three years that [have] been terribly effective in reducing or increasing the risk of transmission of the disease [and] transmission of the virus in the respiratory tract. 

So if you're going somewhere and you can open windows or open doors or go outside for a conversation, [you should]. Fortunately, it looks like the weather will be very mild, at the end of this day.

Should Do To Make Your Gathering Safer

Here's what Health experts also say you should do to make your gathering safer:

1. Stay home if you are sick

If you are not well, it means that you know, first and foremost, stay home. 

You don't really need to know why or what the disease is, but especially respiratory diseases. If you don't feel better today, you probably won't feel better on Thursday. 

Even if you feel better, there are likely to remain symptoms. Making this decision early and being able to share this with your potential hosts or visitors will be really important.

Coughs and mucus are infectious, so if your child coughs, it's contagious. If your child is blowing his nose, licking a toy, sharing it with someone, it's all contagious. 

So, whether they have a viral load high enough to transport it or not, it's a little bit not as structured as COVID. So I would say it's the same thing. Stay home when you're sick. Stay convincing if you have symptoms.

2-Wear a mask and wash your hands

If you're a worried person, if you have a toddler in particular and you're worried about RSV, you should definitely wash your hands if the kids are able to put on a mask... If you have cold-like symptoms, please apply a mask... It's about keeping germs to yourself, regardless of whether it's coronavirus.

3- Take a COVID test

While COVID tests remain crucial to preventing the spread of COVID, they will not help stop the spread of RSV or flu.

4. Get vaccinated and reinforced

Health officials also urge people to get enhanced vaccines against influenza and COVID.

So we need to inoculate everyone, but especially those who are older, and those who are younger, remain at higher risk of respiratory viruses. 

But this is not true for flu, this is not true for RSV, and this is not true for many other respiratory viruses. It is important to schedule an appointment with all children's vaccines, as well as those other things that can generally help reduce the risk of developing respiratory diseases.

5. Take additional precautions 

for those most at risk Experts also urge parents to protect those at particular risk of viruses such as RSV and influenza, especially young children.

I think what we're going to see is that people are more attuned to making sure that their company that comes in, and their visitors that come in, you know, if they cough too much, maybe it's time to shorten the visit. 

If you have a new child at home, you may ask people to hide the infant, not allow people to carry the child or kiss the child's face.

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Thanksgiving Table

  • Roast turkey is the most prominent ingredient in the Thanksgiving table. The table usually mediates, with other side varieties of meat and potatoes.
  • But this most prominent component missed the early years of the celebration. 
  • When the inhabitants of the colonies went fishing, they were targeting ducks and wild geese, and turkey missed the scene at the time.
  • But turkey was chosen later after the celebration of Thanksgiving was circulated in the 19th century.
  • The turkey was chosen due to its large size that enough dinner for a whole family. 

  • Besides not needing him to spawn and get Eggs, what made his price relatively lower.

  • The Thanksgiving table includes other types of grilled meat, potatoes, grilled vegetables and pumpkin candy in its ingredients.

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